Boat Safety Precautions for Memorial Day Weekend

On Tuesday, the rules for every person, regardless of age, wearing a coast guard approved life vest manually propelled vessels will change.

The measures is required because of water temperatures that are still dangerously cold.

"You're going to lose motor skills, your fine motor skills go away quicker in these cold temperatures," explained Thomas Distefano, Petty Officer Second Class of the U.S. Coast Guard New Haven station. "So to have it with you but not on, putting it on can be very difficult and now you're without a floatation."

While a life vest is something you should always be wearing if you're on the water this weekend, there are a number of other safety precautions to take as well.

"File a float plan with a family member or someone you trust. Make sure they know the who what where when and why's of your trip."

All things Distefano said are critical to staying safe on the water.

"Make sure before your boat hits the water that you've inspected your boat, that you have enough fuel-that's the best way to be out on the water."

And no matter what kind of boat you are in-leave your mark.

"We ask the public to mark the kayaks somehow," said Kevin Tanski, Petty Officer Second Class. "Write their name on the inside, their phone number, the address something like that so we know whose they are so we can call their house, make sure they're there and end the search and rescue at that point."

And above all, be smart on the water this weekend.

"People get a little excited they want to get out, have a good time but they get a little careless so everybody has to pay attention, be aware of their surroundings and go out there and have a safe time," urges Jason Moloni, an avid kayaker.

A few other tips before you head out on any kind of boat this weekend are to make sure you not only have your life vest- but that it fits and it still in good shape. If it's been through a little wear and tear-pick up a new one.

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