Boaters Prepare For Impacts of Tropical Storm Fay

Boaters at the Cedar Island Marina in Clinton said they were preparing for the worst, but not expecting any damage.

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Boaters at Cedar Island Marina in Clinton spent the day preparing their boats for high winds and heavy rain as Tropical Storm Fay approached Connecticut's shoreline.

"As long as you got good fenders and lines tied up you will be fine," said Brent Holleman, Captain of the Cedar Island boat.

Holleman added several lines to secure the boat Friday. With proper preparation, he said his crew was not concerned about sustaining damage.

“The boat can handle this kind of weather," said Holleman.

The owners of Cedar Island Marina sent out a notice to all boaters when they learned about the tropical storm warning. They asked everyone to tie up their boats and take all proper precautions.

“It does look like this is going to be tropical force winds, but you never know. It could even be worse. It could be sustained for longer. You just really don’t know so it is better to be safe than sorry," said Kristopher Shapiro, General Manager of the Cedar Island Marina.

Owner of Rock and Roll Charters, TJ Karbowski, said that he is more concerned about losing a day of business in the summer than he is any potential damage.

“It is as seasonal business so every day counts," said Karbowski.

He said he is eager for the high winds to die down so he can get back out on the water.

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