Bob Maxon Thanks Viewers for Well Wishes After Suffering Heart Attack

NBC Connecticut First Alert meteorologist Bob Maxon on Thursday called in to chat on air with Heidi Voight and Ted Koppy and to thank the thousands of people who have sent their well wishes to him since having a mild heart attack last week.

"I want to take a moment to thank just every person that sent an email, posted some get-well wish or tweeted me on Twitter, or whatever the case may be," Maxon said during the call.

Bob began to feel ill while at work on March 21 and thought he was coming down with the flu. He went to a walk-in clinic where he was immediately diagnosed as having a heart attack.

During a call to NBC Connecticut on Monday, Bob shared his personal story and since then, he has received thousands of messages of support.

"It's absolutely overwhelming. It's been incredible and even last night I should have been in bed earlier, but there I am, you know, flipping through some of the notes and trying to respond to some of them," he said.

Bob said Friday begins his cardiac rehabilitation, something he said he never thought he would have to deal with.

He said his story should be warning that not everyone experiences the symptoms of a heart attack the same way.

For more information on heart health and to learn the warning signs of a heart attack, visit the American Heart Association website.

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