Bobcat Euthanized Inside Preston Family Home

The bobcat was confirmed to have rabies after being tested by DEEP.

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A Preston family had an encounter this week they describe as a once in a lifetime experience and they are thankful that’s the case.

The Davis family lives in a wooded area of southeastern Connecticut. They’ve seen plenty of wildlife, everything from foxes to deer. What they encountered Wednesday night though was not something they expected.

“I can’t get the sound out of my head,” said Karin Davis, recalling what she witnessed.

The noise Davis heard was screeching and growling as her dog, a beagle named Gabe, clashed with a bobcat on her back patio. Davis says she scrambled to help Gabe, dragging him by the leash to the back door.

“I had opened the door and I was leaning against it. Trying to pull him up the step and the bobcat turned around and bee-lined in the house,” explained Davis.

Not knowing where the bobcat ended up, Davis’ husband attempted to lure the animal outside, while holding the back door open.

“He kind of went by me and then meandered through the first floor of the house before he went into the basement,” said Matt Davis.

State Police and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protections (DEEP) were called to the scene. After a lengthy search, the bobcat, estimated to be 30 to 35 pounds, was located.

“They could hear hissing and when they turned around, the cat had apparently moved and it was hanging from a punching bag,” said Karin Davis.

State Police euthanized the animal in the basement. It was then tested by DEEP and confirmed to have rabies. The dog needed a rabies booster shot. Karin and Matt Davis have also received the first of several rabies vaccination shots.

Matt Davis is thankful the ordeal is over.

“It was a unique experience and one I hope not to repeat," he said.

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