Boil Water Advisory Issued for Part of Coventry Is Lifted

The boil water advisory that was issued for residents in part of Coventry after a power outage over the weekend has been lifted. 

Connecticut Water said on Sunday that around 70 households in the South Coventry water system in Coventry were being advised to boil their tap water as a precaution before consuming it. 

The precautionary boil water advisory was in effect until lab tests determine that the water is safe to drink. Connecticut Water said Tuesday morning that customers can now use their tap water without any precautions.

Residents in the area shown in this map were under the advisory 

South Coventry water
Connecticut Water

Editor's Note: A news release on Sunday said the reason for the boil water advisory was a water main break, but Connecticut Water said Monday that the boil water advisory is connected to a power outage, not a water main break.

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