Thea Digiammerino

Bolt Found in Muffin Sold at Westport School Cafeteria

Westport Public Schools are investigating after a student found a bolt inside a chocolate chip muffin purchased at a school cafeteria Wednesday.

According to a letter sent to families, a seventh-grade student found the bolt in a muffin purchased at the Coleytown Middle School cafeteria. The student discovered the 1-inch bolt before biting into the muffin and did not eat any of it.

The student reported it to staff, who pulled all of the muffins from the schools as a precaution. School officials have contacted the vendor, who is working to break down all their equipment to see if they can determine where the bolt came from.

There have been no other reports of foreign items in cafeteria baked goods.

For now, the schools will get their muffins from a different bakery.

School officials said the incident remains under investigation.

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