Oversized Mail Led to Bomb Squad Investigation

A few businesses were evacuated as the investigation went on.

The state police bomb squad responded to a report of a suspicious package on Bank Street in Waterbury, but it turned out to be a cell phone.

Bank Street was closed after reports of a suspicious package in a mailbox outside of Webster Bank, at 145 Bank St., according to Waterbury police. 

Police said the package was sticking out of the mailbox and it appeared that the box was too big to fit in the slot.

“Our employees at 145 Bank Street were evacuated this morning as a precaution due to a suspicious package in a USPS mailbox that happened to be outside our building. The evacuation of about 200 people went safely, smoothly, and according to plan. Everyone is safe, back inside the building and business has resumed. We thank local and state authorities for their diligent work,” Sarah Barr,
vice president of external communications at Webster Bank said in a statement.

A few nearby businesses were evacuated until it was determined that there was no threat.

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