Bomb Threat Prompts Evacuation at Ellington High School During Dance Recital

 Ellington High School was evacuated Sunday afternoon due to a written bomb threat found at the school during a dance recital. 

State police and bomb-sniffing police dogs searched the school and found no evidence of a bomb at the school or physical threat, according to state police. 

A bomb threat in the form of a vague written note was found in the area of the school at about 1:24 p.m., prompting the evacuation as a precaution, state police said. 

While the evacuation disrupted the event, no one was injured and there was no specific threat against a person made. 

State police have no released information on the source of the note and no arrests have been made at this time. 

The scene was cleared as of 4:59 p.m. 

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