Bomb Threat to Moosup Post Office Was a False Alarm: Police

10 weeks before election day, postal problems in North Texas and around the nation have members of Congress investigating solutions and a bailout.
NBC 5 News

Plainfield Police responded to a post office in Moosup after they allegedly received a bomb threat this morning.

The incident happened at approximately 9:45 a.m.

The post office on South Main Street was evacuated and the road was closed by officials.

Police said the state police bomb squad responded to the scene and conducted a search of the property, utilizing their explosives detection K9s.

There was no threat detected and the post office reopened shortly after, officials said.

Police said it was determined through further investigation that the direct line used to contact the post office was identified and traced to a local resident.

Officials responded to the residence and made contact with an elderly man who they say contacted the post office. The conversation had was misinterpreted, according to police.

The bomb threat turned out to be a false alarm and it was determined no threat was made. There is no risk to the community, officials said.

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