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Bondsman May Have Been One of Last People to Speak With Fotis Dulos

Bondsman Mark Motuxzick spoke exclusively with NBC Connecticut describing the conversation he had with Fotis Dulos the morning before Dulos attempted suicide.

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A bondsman who was working with Fotis Dulos says he might have been one of the last people to speak with him before his attempted suicide Tuesday morning.

Bondsman Mark Motuxzick told NBC Connecticut in an exclusive interview that Fotis Dulos called him on Tuesday morning for help ahead of the emergency bond hearing and when he called Dulos back he had a different tone.

What to Know

  • Fotis Dulos is facing murder charges in connection with the disappeareance of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos, who vanished in late May after dropping her children off at school
  • Fotis Dulos attempted to take his own life on Jan. 28 before an emergency bond hearing
  • Fotis Dulos remains at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, New York for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if it just all got to him at that point and he said to heck with it,” said Motuxzick, who is with Capitol Bail Bonds.

Motuxzick has been by Fotis Dulos’ side since his first two arrests and spoke with him Tuesday morning.

“He asked me, what do I need to take over -- those were his words -- the bail that he’s on -- referring to the $6 million,” Motuxzick said.

At 9:53 a.m., Dulos called him to see if he could take over the bond that was up for an emergency hearing, Motuxzick said, and the bondsman told him it would be a process.

“I stated I would give him a call back in a little while because he said he was on his way to his attorney’s office,” Motuxzick said.

At 10:34 a.m. about 40 minutes later, Motuxzick called Dulos back and Dulos’ demeanor had changed, he said.

“He was like, 'It’s all set.' Something to that effect,” Motuxzick said.

“It sounded like he was working out. It was almost like he was, I don't know, kind of out of breath,” Motuxzick said.

Motuxzick was the first bondsman to try to secure Dulos’ most recent $6 million bond and said it needed a thorough review.

Palmetto Surety Corporation, the insurance company that ended up backing the bond, said that they called the court for a hearing after one of the six properties that Dulos had used for collateral had been foreclosed on in December.

“We at Palmetto Surety actually received a complaint from the Department of Insurance in Connecticut concerning the collateral on this particular bond,” April Wallace, of Palmetto Surety Corporation, said.

Motuxzick said Dulos always maintained he loved his children and that he had an explanation for the accusations against him. Dulos pleaded not guilty to the murder, tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution charges.

“Whatever happened along the way with the bond being posted I think this was possibly ... something that just might’ve put him over the edge,” Motuxzick said.

SUICIDE PREVENTION HELP: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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