Liquor Stores Lobby Customers for Sunday Sales

The push to sell beer on Sunday’s is on and you'll have a say in the matter. Some customers buying brewskies will soon be handed a yellow postcard at the register that states, “I support Sunday sales of alcohol beverages.” 

Connecticut banned alcohol sales on Sunday in 1993 and it's one of three states in the nation to prohibit the sales.

The Connecticut Food Association wants to overturn that 1993 ban, according to the Waterbury Republican American. Hundreds of local grocery stores that make up the association received the cards earlier this month. Recipients can jot down their name, address and e-mail and sign a statement showing their support for repeal. 

Filled out cards can then be returned to the grocery store, which in turn will give them to the association. 

Stan Sorkin, president of the Connecticut Food Association, told the newspaper that the cards will be forwarded to the right people at the state Capitol.

"They're to let politicians know the everyday consumer is in favor of the opportunity to buy beer and wine on Sunday, which is the second most popular shopping day of the week," he told the Republican American.

The additional day of sales would generate as much as $5 million in much-needed revenue for the state each year, Sorkin said.

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