Boy Becomes Thomaston Police Chief For the Day

There’s a new top cop in Thomaston.

Nine-year-old Aidan Bigos has always wanted to be a police officer, and he got his wish. He was sworn in as Police Chief for the day on Friday.

Aidan was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor the size of a fist. In February, Thomaston Officer Bart Deeley responded to his home for a medical emergency. The two instantly became friends.

“I got to know him that particular day, when he was probably at his darkest moment,” Deeley said. “His dream was to be a police officer.”

“He’s a very resilient boy,” said Jared Bigos, Aidan’s Dad. “He’s been through so much with chemo and proton radiation, and he came back and this is his special day.”

“Our community has been so supportive since day one,” said Aidan’s mom, Amanda Wyles. “I’m just amazed.”

His parents say his cancer is now in remission. They call him a superhero.

“I’ve learned more from my interaction with Aidan in such a short period of time, than I have in my 20 years of law enforcement,” Deeley said.

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