Boy's Home Burglarized on His Birthday

12-year-old's toys stolen after thieves broke into apartment.

It's the not the way Jordan Harrell was hoping to spend his 12th birthday.

The Ansonia apartment he lives in with his mother was robbed and his toys were stolen.

"I just thought it was messed up that someone came into our house and took stuff my mom got me," Harrell said.

The thieves broke in to the second floor apartment and took two video game systems along with at least fifty games as well as a signed DVD.

Jordan's mom, Heather Hummel came home Thursday to find the door had been pried open.

"It was supposed to be a good day for him, it was his birthday," Hummel said. "He comes home and he cant play his games. They're gone. Everything's gone."

Police told Hummel that there have been other break-ins near the North Main Street apartment recently.

She says she couldn't sleep Thursday night, knowing what happened.

Hummel says she can't imagine why someone would do this, especially so close to Christmas.

"I was very upset for him," Hummel said.

Police are investigating.


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