Bracing for Burglaries

Residents of a New Haven street are taking precautions.

New Haven crimewatch
NBC Connecticut

There are lights and there are cameras, but the action is what people on Pearl Street in New Haven are trying to stop.  They say burglaries have become a problem.

"It's unnerving," said Meg Weisberg, with her 2-year-old daughter in her arms. "it's something that concerns us, especially because some of them have happened right around the time when the girls are asleep and we're upstairs doing other stuff."

She said she and her husband keep the curtains drawn, the windows bolted and the porch light on all night.  They're active participants in the "SoHu" block watch, SoHu for South of Humphrey Street.

"I don't know whether now people are more alarmed, talking more about it, so there's a rash of emails going around that this happened, that happened. We're trying to stay balanced and not have a panicked reaction," she said.

Down the street, Ellen Iyer said her landlord just installed bright lights in back of her home.  On the porch there's a detector that'll turn on the porch light when it gets dark. 

"And hopefully that might deter people," she said, if they think they can't get away with something unless there's total darkness.

 A neighbor with a surveillance camera caught a burglar on video just last week, she said.

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