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Bradley Airport's New TSA 3D Scanners Could Ease Your Travel Experience

Because of the new technology, you won't need to take those electronics and liquids out of your carry-on bag anymore.

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed new advanced 3D scanners at Bradley International Airport and they’re meant to get bags checked faster with clearer images.

The banging of plastic bins marks the rite of passage through airport security with passengers having to get their carry-on bags checked at Bradley International Airport.

“It’s a hassle, but if you want to go, that’s what you’ve got to do,” Cindy Vaporis, who lives in East Haven, said.

The new "computed tomography," or CT checkpoint scanners, aim to make TSA checkpoints less of a hassle for travelers.

TSA said eight of these advanced scanners are installed at Bradley, allowing officers to get 3D images of everything inside a bag.

“They can rotate the image 360 degrees, so they get a more thorough analysis of the bag,” TSA spokesperson for the New England Region Daniel Velez said.

And the best part is that you won't need to remove your electronics or liquids from your carry-on bags anymore.

The new scanners come just in time for busy spring break travel where 11,000 people went through Bradley Airport last year on its busiest days.

“There’s less hands-on searching of bags so people get through quicker,” Velez said.

It’s welcome news for travelers.

“It’s going to make things move more quickly which should just speed things along,” Sara Suschman, who lives in Vermont, said.

“It’s a breakthrough in traveling that’s going to be amazing. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it,” Vaporis said.

The TSA said more passengers will get to experience the simplified checkpoint process, with 313 machines to be installed nationwide by November.

Velez said two more scanners will be installed at Bradley in July.

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