Branford Bans All Single-Use Plastic Checkout Bags

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The push for a more eco-friendly environment has made its way into grocery stores and other major retailers in Connecticut.

The town of Branford is taking it one step further by banning all single-use plastic checkout bags.

Back in June, the town passed an ordinance prohibiting any plastic bags being used for retail checkout.

The purpose of the ordnance is to protect and improve the environment of Branford including it’s coastline and marine life. Leaders are also hoping to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags and encouraging the use of reusable carryout bags during the purchase of retail goods.

Businesses will have the opportunity to charge a $0.10 for each recyclable brown paper bag provided to a customer.

The fee for recyclable paper bags will not apply to customers making purchases using supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC), “food stamps,” or seniors 65 years or older.

Ann Calkins believes the town’s efforts to do away with plastic bags is a great move.

“I support it,” said Calkins. “Plastic bags are bad for the environment.”

Jasmine Perez has made the switch over to reusable bags but mentions that she will miss single-use plastic bags.

“I have kids so the plastic bags are good for throwing out pampers,” said Perez. “Plastic bags are great for small tasks around the house, like throwing out cat litter, too.”

The step is above what Connecticut State Law requires. In the law, customers have to pay a 10 cent tax on each single use plastic bag at checkouts.

First Selectman James Cosgrove said that the purpose of the ordiance is to portect and preserve the coastline and Marine life.

“We are all about pormotoing a more environmentally way to handle the sale of groceries and other products,” said Cosgrove. “It will take time but with the changing of behavior, it’ll be for the betterment of our community.”

Businesses like G-Café bakery is already buying into the town’s effort.

Jane Frankenberger is the manager at the G Café Bakery.

“I really believe in trying to be more eco-friendly with a lot of my containers and our products that we give to customers,” said Frankenberger.

“I just really believe to try and be more eco-friendly a lot of my containers are eco-friendly,” she added.

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