Break-In Reported at CCSU Dorm

Four masked men broke into a dorm room at Central Connecticut State University early Monday morning and stole from a female student. Now campus police are notifying students and trying police to find out who is responsible. 

Campus officials tell said four men, dressed in black and wearing matching bandanas, forced their way into a dorm room in the Mid-Campus Residence Hall around 1:30 a.m. on Monday and stole something from a student’s room. 

The student reached out to campus at 12:30 p.m. on Monday to report it.

This happened during finals week at CCSU and students are now concerned about the recent robbery, as well as exams.

“I think anyone should be pretty scared that anyone can just barge into someone’s room like that,” Sean Aiudi, a sophomore from Bristol, said.

Students said they have to swipe to get into the front doors, swipe again to get into the lobby, a third time to get into the elevators and a fourth time to get into each individual rooms.

“It’s really scary especially because we live so close to the lobby. Just knowing that our possessions aren’t safe.” Chelsea Buddle, a freshman from New Milford, said.

Some students said the school has enough security.

“It was weird for me because there’s so much security already, so I don’t really know what else they could do at this point,” Julia Baldyga, a freshman from Middletown, said.

Others feel more should be done.

“It just really makes you question the safety of the campus, whether or not we need to up security or make it less susceptible to get into the dorms,” Chelsea Buddle, a freshman from New Milford, said.

Campus police are reviewing security footage and ask that all students immediately report suspicious activity.

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