Break-Ins Baffle Quiet Shoreline Town

A quiet shoreline town known for its safety is on alert for some thieves behind at least 50 burglaries. Police are telling homeowners and businesses in East Lyme what they can to protect themselves.

Police say the crooks are busting down doors and taking valuables like jewelry while homeowners are away.

“It's a very quiet area and you wouldn't expect anything like that here, you know well patrolled,” says Jayme Mateo who lives on Main Street.

State police say the break-ins slowed down over the winter but now that it's warm the numbers have jumped up again. Residents on Main Street prefer life as usual, unlocked doors and a safe neighborhood. Instead they say they have play it safe to stay safe.

“Make sure the screen doors are locked I lock all my doors if I’m going to be in a different part of the house,” says Cindy Sutter of East Lyme.

The East Lyme Police Department and State Police are working together to investigate these burglaries. In the meantime they've released a list of safety tips.

They suggest calling police when you go on vacation, they’ll patrol the surrounding area and watch out for suspicious activity.

Also on the list, use deadbolt locks, install outdoor lights and don't hide keys around the outside of the house.

Police are asking anyone with information that may help in their investigation to give them a call.

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