Brewing Up Something New in Connecticut

There's a great saying, "Life's too short to drink bad beer."  And there's a distinct population in Connectiut that is very attuned to that motto.  You may not know this, but the Nutmeg State is home to five breweries, and a host of brew pubs and beer related companies.  You might say the ale industry in the state is "hopping." 

Now, Connecticut brewers have come together to promote local craft beer culture with a new social media website, that lets beer fans virtually connect with their favorite producers and each other.

The site,, comes as local legislators introduce a new bill, which would establish state support for the development of an actual CT Beer Trail.  The bill, introduced by Andrew M. Maynard, the state senator representing the Stonington area and Diana S. Urban, the Representative from Stonington is being discussed in a public hearing on Tuesday.  According to the legislation, the trail would help promote “…the manufacturing and sale of Connecticut made beer.”

"While Connecticut is a small state, the craft brewers based here have national reputations,” said Jason McClellan of East Hartford's Olde Burnside Brewing.  “The CT Beer Trail is a perfect way for both Connecticut residents and visitors to enjoy all the great brews these local producers have to offer."

On the website, users are able to discuss beer, post blogs about beer, share beer experiences on social media sites and get more information about beer events and beer tours.  There is also a map to help users find breweries, brew pubs and really just about anything beer-related you can think of.  Visitors can even learn how to brew their own beer.  

"The site is just getting started but we’re very excited to already feature the bulk of Connecticut’s beer industry," said Bryon Turner, the site’s founder. “We’re working on adding additional home brew shops, beer bars, and beer stores as well.” 

And, just when you thought things couldn't get any better, there's even a smart-phone app in the works for later this year. 


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