Bridgeport Demonstrators Camp Out In Front of Police Headquarters to Demand Changes

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For the second day in a row, members of the Justice for Jayson Coalition slept outside of Bridgeport's Police Department.

The group's efforts are a part of their plan to demand justice for Black and Hispanic communities.

The group believes that Bridgeport has one of the most violent police forces in the state and the only way to stop the violence is by "moving toward their abolition."

The coalition shared their demands with NBC Connecticut pictured below.

Dozens of camp tents are set up in front of the police department and organizers are planning to keep them there until changes are made.

"We don't want it to get ugly like Minnesota or even Atlanta," said Joe Grits, a member of the coalition.

Grits is a father of two who mentions that he is a victim of police brutality and is fighting for change so his children won't have to go through a similar experience.

"It's something that hits home for me but as well as the hundreds of others that we lost," said Grits. "We want to hear us out and right now they are not hearing us out."

"I have no problem with people expressing themselves," said Mayor Ganim. "I hope though, as we go through this, constructive ideas will come out that we can embrace and then we can move forward together.”

A growing memorial is set up on the metal barriers to remind the public about those who lost their lives at the hands of the police.

"This definitely has come from a long fight from before Jason," said Jazmarie Melendez, a member of the group. "People were already fighting for Connecticut and Bridgeport."

The city council has agreed to meet with the coalition to discuss their proposed terms. The group is hoping that the date will be expedited.

“The challenges here are no different and we stand in solidarity with peaceful protests, against bias, with Black Lives Matter, and we stand in solidarity,” said Mayor Ganim.

Demonstrators Hold a Camp-In at Bridgeport Police Headquarters

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