Bridgeport Mayor Urges Residents to Be Prepared During Hurricane Season

Bridgeport's mayor is urging residents to prepare an emergency kit and plan to keep their families safe during hurricane season.

“Our emergency operations staff is constantly planning for events that we hope never happen,” Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said in a written statement. “Families should do the same thing by creating an emergency supply kit and a family emergency plan. It is the best way to stay safe.”

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30.

Bridgeport's Emergency Operations Center is working to ensure the community is prepared for any possible hurricane or coastal storm, to keep residents updated in the event of a hurricane and to make sure the city has a recovery plan for hurricanes.

Emergency staff remains in contact daily with Connecticut's Emergency Operations Center, as well as area emergency centers along the shorline to stay prepared.

Bridgeport has emergency operation plans designed for all city neighborhoods so residents know where they can go and what to do in an emergency, according to Bridgeport Director of Emergency Management Scott Appleby.

“A key is to get accurate, useful information quickly to residents,” Appleby said. “People need to prepare in advance. We always say, ‘Make a kit. Have a plan.’ The city plans every day as well.”

They city has 100 trained volunteers to help with community emergency response. Volunteer team members complete 20 hours of training. They are on hand to respond in emergency to help Bridgeport residents “when and if Mother Nature delivers us a blow,” Finch said.

“These are volunteers who help keep safe our kids and families during emergencies, and they have my deepest gratitude,” Finch said.

The city also works with service providers and social service agencies to make sure Bridgeport's "vulnerable populations" have aid and is building a database to keep track of residents "with special medical conditions that put them at greater risk," according to a news release from Bridgeport officials.

“That could be a person who needs electricity to power an oxygen machine. That could be a person who takes medicine that needs to be refrigerated or needs help filling an essential prescription,” said Appleby.

Bridgeport also utilizes a state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services representative when its emergency operation center is activated "to help ensure its clients receive the support it needs in emergencies," according to Bridgeport officials.

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