Bridgeport Resident Helps Police Nab Shooting Suspect

Carlos Torres allegedly "yelled at police officers and spat towards them" during his arrest.

Police said a Bridgeport resident helped them nab a man linked to shootings in the city's East Side neighborhood.

Carlos Torres, 21, of Pembroke Street in Bridgeport, was arrested Wednesday. Authorities said he led them on a chase and "yelled at police officers and spat towards them" when they finally caught him.

Torres has been linked to recent shootings in the area of Pembroke Street and Arctic Street. Public safety officials described him as a "possible suspect."

Officers spotted Torres riding a bike on East Washington Avenue around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities said he was carrying a backpack with a semi-automatic handgun inside.

Police followed him in their unmarked car, and Torres seemed to realize he was being pursued, because he went around a stop sign, then threw down the bike and took off running, according to public safety officials.

Officers chased him and ordered him to stop, warning Torres that they would use a stun gun if he didn't listen. Torres kept running, and one officer fired his Taser but missed, officials said.

At one point, Torres tossed the backpack down and police found the gun inside.

Police said a resident in a pickup truck flagged them down and said, "Hey, Officer, jump in; I want to help." The officer grabbed onto the truck's rear bumper and the truck followed Torres onto Williams Street, authorities said.

Torres ran onto the property of 376 East Washington Avenue. Police chased him on foot to Harriet Street, where cruisers surrounded him. Officers then took Torres into custody.

Public safety officials said Torres "yelled at police officers and spat towards them" during his arrest.

He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, interfering with an officer, resisting arrest, carrying a pistol without a permit, illegal sale or distribution of a firearm and tampering with evidence.

It's not clear if Torres has an attorney.

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