Bridgeport to Layoffs Municipal Employees

The City of Bridgeport will be releasing a list of municipal employee layoffs on Friday.

"As we have been very consistently telling the labor unions, the inability to reach a consensus on labor cost savings for the coming fiscal year now requires us to implement a new round of layoffs," Mayor Joe Ganim. 

"A list of municipal employees to be laid off is currently being prepared and will be released sometime tomorrow."

The city is required to make cuts to reach its goal of $4,000,000 in savings to balance the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 

"We know that it is a significant ask to request another $4,000,000 in savings," Ganim said. "We would not do so if balancing the budget did not depend on it."

Ganim said his administration has already laid off approximately 100 employees since taking over last December. 

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