Brief Ballot Shortage in Wolcott

In addition to polling problems in Hartford, which caused many if not all locations to open an hour late, the Tyrrell Middle School polling site in Wolcott ran low on ballots for a brief time Tuesday.

Wolcott Republican Registrar Pat Najarian said voter turnout was bigger than expected this morning, with 300 voters casting ballots by about 8 a.m. About eight people left without voting to get to work, local officials said.

“We told them to just to wait for a minute or two because we were driving,” said Najarian, who brought additional ballots to the miwhen the count was down to 50.

The registrar’s office gave the middle school 500 extra ballots instead of 300 to account for the possibility of another rush and resupplied each of the three polling places.

Najarian apologized for the problem, which she said has never happened before, and said she would ask the polling places to call town hall when the ballot count diminishes to 100.

“I think it’s a good day. It’s a big turnout,” she said. “I think it’s great people are coming out.”

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