Brief Reprieve from Unsettled Weather

Sunshine returns tomorrow and while it will last into Wednesday, the weather pattern remains very active heading into the second weekend of April.

Even though it will be sunny tomorrow, high temperatures will only manage to climb into the 30s.

Wednesday should be a tad warmer with highs in the 40s as skies remain mostly sunny.

An area of low pressure rides west of the region on Thursday.

Showers will begin Thursday morning and turn into a steady rain by afternoon. Temperatures will rise well into the 50s.

A lingering shower is possible Friday, but more importantly, Friday serves as a transition day.

The weekend will be exceptionally cold for the time of year.

High temperatures will struggle to 40 degrees both days.

With a cold pool of air aloft, it will be hard to achieve anything brighter than a mix of sunshine and clouds.

First Alert forecasters are also watching for the potential for some snow.

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