Bristol Bells Chime To Bring Community Together

Churches around the city coordinate a unified ringing of bells Saturday as people remember those lost to COVID-19.

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Throughout Bristol, church bells rang at exactly 4 p.m. Saturday. This marking the 100th day since COVID-19 first effected the city. People stood, respectfully listening and praying.

“It’s a time of reflection but also a turning point as the seasons change and as we change phases that something better is coming,” said Bristol Mayor, Ellen Zoppo-Sasso.

The bells marked a solemn remembrance of the more than 70 Bristol residents who have lost their lives to the virus. Dozens of Bristol churches participated.

“It just seemed like a good time to bring people together to pray for an end of the coronavirus,” said Deacon Stanley Piotrowski of St. Gregory Church in Bristol.

Remembering those lost, people gathered outside St. Gregory’s Church for an interfaith prayer service.

“It was really a lovely event. I think it covered a lot of what people are feeling and thinking,” said Debbie Schur of Bristol.

The St. Joseph's Bell Choir also performed in front of Bristol Hospital. Organizers aimed to unite the community and recognize the efforts of healthcare workers and first responders, all while providing hope.

“I think the prayer was uplifting,” said Bristol First District Councilman Scott Rosado. “It’s something that we needed at this moment.”

The bell ringing event was coordinated by Zoppo-Sasso whose intent was to send a message of hope.

“That we’re stronger together. That we’re an all heart community and that together anything is possible,” she said.

Organizers said they were not calling the event a “celebration” because of how solemn the occasion is, but rather their aim was to give people hope that there are better days ahead.

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