Bristol Bus Stop Incident an Apparent Misunderstanding: Police

NBC Universal, Inc.

An incident involving a man approaching students at a school bus stop in Bristol appears to have been a misunderstanding, according to police.

Officers began investigating Tuesday morning after several middle school students said a man driving a white Jeep took photos of them and offered to drive them to school.

While police were investigating, the same man went to Bristol Central High School and spoke with the school resource officer about starting a company to provide students rides to school and how he should go about doing that, police said.

After leaving the school, the man was stopped by the officers who were investigating the incident at the bus stop. He showed them video from his cell phone, which only showed his face, and showed that he never tried to coerce anyone into his vehicle, police said.

He asked the students if they would be interested in his business plan to provide an alternative mode of transportation to school. Officers explained to the man that his actions were a concern to the students, school administrators, and police and that he should not approach students in the future. Police said they did not arrest the man.

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