Bristol Church Hosts Drive-Thru Easter Services

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As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise, churches around the state had to look at other ways to follow social distancing during one of the holiest days of the year.

Liberty Baptist Church hosted Easter Sunday in a slightly different way. This year, the church decided to host drive-thru Easter services for the congregation.

Members showed up and parked inside the church parking lot and listened to hymns, prayers, and sermons with the help of the car radio.

The inspiration came after Pastor Dustin Alley noticed another church hosting a similar program where members practiced social distancing while receiving spiritual guidance.

"I spoke with our leadership team about hosting a similar service with our congregation," said Pastor Alley. "We listened and coordinated together and decided to host the drive-thru service."

Cathy Cawood is a long-term member at Liberty Baptist Church. Cawood mentions that it was her first time experiencing a service inside her car and she's glad church leaders are prioritizing members' health.

"They care about us so much that they're prepared to do this in order for us to still stay connected," said Cawood.

Despite not being together physically, many members are just happy to hear the message and see friends from a distance.

"It gives us the ability to have a sense of family and that's what the church is all about," said Cawood.

The church collected donations for doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines working to save lives.

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