Bristol Holds Community Diversity Conversation

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The past two weeks in the country have been filled with unrest, peaceful protests and calls for change.

Now many are coming together to focus on fighting racism and improving equality, including with policing.

“I came here because diversity means a lot to me,” said Dee Dee Durham of Bristol.

That’s why Durham was among those who showed up for a Community Conversation at Rockwell Park in Bristol on Wednesday.

Talking about diversity, equity and inclusion hits home for Durham who thinks about her younger family members, including her two sons.

“They’re growing up in this world today that their lives matter a lot to me. I’m worried every time they walk out the door,” said Durham.

Recently Bristol has held peaceful protests following the death of George Floyd.

And the mayor hoped to continue that dialogue.

"We’re trying to bring everything to the forefront again and be very transparent and accountable,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, D – Bristol.

The mayor says the conversation was meant to bring people together, along with police, education and community leaders.

Part of the event included a look a community policing and government policies.

“We’ve done a lot in Bristol to build strong community relationships and I fear with people not having the right information about the policies we already have in place as well as suggestions about how to improve the ones we have, that things could start to unravel,” said Mayor Zoppo-Sassu.

Now in this uneasy time in our nation, many here hope to make a difference and promote change.

“Definitely equality, less discrimination and in general just unity,” said Miranda Bishop of Bristol.

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