Bristol Hospital on ‘High Alert' Following Threatening Messages

Bristol Hospital is on “high alert” with beefed up security and increased police patrols.

That’s after a hospital spokesman said someone sent them threatening messages online. This makes two medical facilities in the state to receive threats this week.

“If there are threats, they all need to be taken seriously,” said Kirby Deegan of Bristol.

Bristol Hospital staff said someone sent a concerning email through the hospital’s Contact Us section on its website around 1:45pm Wednesday.

That same message was posted twice on the hospital’s Facebook page and since was taken down.

“There were some threats made to the hospital. And this is something no matter how vague a threat is, we take very seriously and we contacted the Bristol police department right away,” said Chris Boyle, a spokesman for Bristol Hospital.

The hospital believes it knows who’s behind the messages.

It said the suspect has previously made similar threats which ended without any problems.

Pictures of the man have been passed out to staff, who have been told to be on the lookout for him.

“All hospital employees go through emergency preparedness training for numerous types of incidents including threats like this,” said Boyle.

At Bristol they plan to have beefed up security on Friday and possibly through the weekend.

We reached out to Bristol police for comment and have not yet heard back.

On Tuesday, there were frightening moments at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London.

A man phoned-in a bomb threat which forced the hospital to briefly shut down its Emergency Room and send incoming patients elsewhere.

The threat turned out to be bogus and the man now faces charges.

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