Bristol Jump ‘n Jammin Center to Close This Month

Jump 'n Jammin announced on Facebook this week that it will be closing its dorrs for good.

Its last day in business will be Sunday, May 8.

Owner Nancy Raducha Greenfield told NBC Connecticut she started issuing refunds a few weeks ago when she realized she might have to close. Customers with unused gift certificates and Kanga Klub cards should reach out to her through the company’s Facebook page.

Greenfield said the decision to close is due to a number of factors including taxes and the cost of insurance.

Whiz Kids Child Development Center, which is adjacent to Jump 'n Jammin, will continue to operate.

Below is the full statement provided to NBC Connecticut:

As the Owner of Jump 'n Jammin in Bristol Connecticut I made a decision to close based on several reasons, some personal and some business. Plans were in the works for JNJ to be purchased and continue operations uninterrupted, however it did not work out. This is not the sole reason that I made this decision to close. I own and operate two other businesses in the area: Whiz Kids Child Development Center and RAA Greenfield Transportation and Courier Service LLC. Both are located in Bristol. I have been in business since 1977 and I can say that in the past couple of years it has been increasingly more difficult for small companies to operate in Connecticut. JnJ stayed open to accommodate parties that were booked. All other parties were given significant notification and refunds once I found out that we would not be staying open. Many businesses close in Connecticut every day for various reasons. I am saddened by the fact that I have to close my business. Small businesses can use all the support they can get. They employ a significant number of residents and contribute to the economic base in Connecticut. I want to thank all the patrons of Jump N Jammin and the employees who help support me in this business. Sincerely, Nancy Raducha Greenfield

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