Bristol Landlord Arrested Twice in Two Weeks

A Bristol landlord has been arrested for the second time in two weeks after police say he failed to make repairs to properties he owns.

Anthony Cammariere, who owns buildings at 37 Summer Street, 81 Park Street and 267 Main Street, turned himself in Wednesday morning. Police have charged him with 17 counts of violating the Bristol Housing and Property Maintenance code.

Cammariere was previously arrested on April 27 for allegedly failing to make repairs to some of his other properties. The city evicted a number of his tenants earlier in the month and condemned a 12-unit apartment building.

"What he’s doing is he is taking people’s last rents and he’s not putting money into these places, and no one should be forced to be living like these residents are living," said Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne.

The mayor said Cammariere has been given several notices to fix up his buildings. He described the homes as "unsafe" – some have open wiring, sewage on the floor and even a collapsed stairway.

Bristol resident Richard Nadeau said he knows Cammariere personally.

"They give him chances quite a bit. I know they have, and the thing is, it’s kind of hard being a manager of the apartments and owner. It’s hard on him," said Nadeau.

Cockayne said Cammariere is taking advantage of his tenants.

"He doesn’t care, because you know what? He’s going home to his nice house. He doesn’t live in Bristol. He’s going home to his nice house and he doesn’t care," said Cockayne.

Cammariere was released on a $1,000 bond. His court date is scheduled for May 14.

Our crews knocked on his office door Wednesday and asked to speak with Cammariere. While we saw him inside through the office windows, he did not answer.

NBC Connecticut also called his cell phone and left a message.

Twenty minutes later, our crews saw Cammariere flee through the back of his office.

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