Bristol Mother Gets Special Surprise During Snowstorm

A Bristol mother had a special delivery when she gave birth to her second son during Tuesday's snowstorm. 

Shannon McKee gave birth to her first son, Shawn, three years ago during another snowstorm in January 2015. At that time, Mckee said the state was shut down.

“I was induced at the hospital but they ended up shutting down the entire state, so there was a driving ban,” Shannon McKee said. “The pediatrician couldn’t get to the hospital and my doctor couldn’t get to the hospital so we had the same staff and they were good but it was a long two days.”

This was not the only time that this mother would have an eventful labor and delivery.

Her second son, Cayden McKee, was born during Tuesday's nor'easter. At 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches, their newborn baby boy is said to be doing well, but it was no surprise he came during the snowstorm.

“We were actually waiting for him to be born last Wednesday during the last snowstorm just because it was going to snow,” Shannon McKee said. “I’m meant to have snow kids.”

Father Desmond McKee said they were prepared as soon as they heard of snow in the forecast.

Even though they knew what to expect, both parents agreed it was a good but tiring experience.

As for her first-born snow baby, he's been looking forward to becoming a big brother.

"My son is really excited,” Shannon McKee said. 

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