Bristol Police Bringing Community Together One Swing at a Time

Bristol Police are bringing the community together one swing at a time with the help of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club their Baseball League.

Officer Peter Sassu has spent nearly 25 years on the force and only around 10 years on the field. Monday the officer spent his morning responding to a different kind of hit and run.

"I feel joy, I love it, the kids love coming here, I love coming here," said Bristol Officer Peter Sassu.

Sassu is a baseball coach for the Bristol Boys & Girls Club.

54 sluggers ages 9-16 spend their season at a free league learning skills to take with them on and off the field.

"If you know someone and they're actually doing criminal stuff and know a police officer you can tell the police officer while they're here," said Player Nadiushca Valdes.

"When you're down they talk to you and tell you to put your head up and have confidence in yourself," said Player Pedro Lopez.

While the focus is baseball, Sassu said through the swings and pop fly's much more is being built.

"The police and the community can work together. We're not all bad. I can walk up to anyone of these kids, I can go to their house and talk to their parents and we just get along" said Sassu.

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