Bristol Police Buy Toys for Unemployed Man's Daughter

Two Bristol police officers decided to help a man when they saw him taking a stuffed animal out of a garbage can on Tuesday night. 

When Officer Mark McGrane and Officer Conor Hogan asked the man what he was doing, he told them he would clean the toy to give to his daughter. Both officers have been with Bristol for more than four years. 

"Little cleaner than a garbage can you know?" McGrane told NBC Connecticut. "We’re like 'you’re in bad shape if you’re digging through the garbage can and saying look at this stuffed animal I can wash up and give to my child.' Nobody’s got to have to do that."

McGrane told NBC Connecticut that both he and Hogan have children at home and felt for the man.

"So we just figured as a small thing to do for somebody that would probably make a big impact," Hogan said.

The officers bought the 4-year-old a stuffed animal and a squirt gun from Ocean State Job Lot on Farmington Avenue. The employees kept the store opened after closing for the group.

Hogan asked the man to make him a promise that he would throw out the toy from the garbage. 

"I would hope that somebody would pick me up, help me out," Hogan said

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