Bristol Program Aims to Share Critical Info With First Responders Before an Emergency

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The City of Bristol has a new tool called Community Connect to help first responders react more efficiently to emergencies.

The online platform collects information from residents and businesses that will better prepare emergency officials at the scene. It can be information like the number of pets in a household, property details, health concerns or a business or family’s emergency plans. The information shared is up to each individual user.

Mayor Jeffrey Caggiano said the system has been up and running for about a week, and 130 households have signed up so far. He’s hoping more will take part in the program.

“This database will be available to the firefighters as they approach the scene where they can put in the address and then see the details,” Caggiano said. 

City officials say the information is secure and used only for the purposes of serving residents in emergency situations. 

To sign up, a user needs to create an account on Community Connect and enter the information that matters to them. 

Caggiano hopes this program will not only help keep residents and businesses safe, but also first responders as well.

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