Bristol Resident to See Pope Celebrate Mass in Philly

A Bristol woman will be among thousands of Connecticut residents heading to Philadelphia this weekend to see Pope Francis celebrate mass on Sunday.

Debbie Sousa, of Bristol, will board a bus Friday as part of a group from the Archdiocese of Hartford.

"I'm hoping to just hear his message and get re-energized and rejuvenated in the work that I do with my youth and just be able to come back and have the energy to continue what I'm doing on this journey, this path in my life," said Sousa.

Sousa works as a physical therapist and also serves as the Director of Youth Ministry for her parish, St. Stanislaus Church in Bristol.

She says she's excited to share her experience with others when she returns.

"Four hours from home, that doesn't happen very often and I'm so excited," said Sousa.

Sousa's group plans to return to Connecticut late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

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