Bronin Claims Victory in Hartford ‘s Mayoral Democratic Primary

Mayor Luke Bronin claimed victory in Hartford's Democratic primary for mayor Tuesday night.

Bronin, former mayor Eddie Perez and state representative Brandon McGee were all hoping to lead the capital city.

"We have worked so hard to move our city forward and we have a lot of work left to do and that’s OK because we are just getting started," Bronin told his supporters in a victory speech.

"I want the city of Hartford to be the strong and vibrant heart of this region of more than a million people and to be a place where everyone in every neighborhood has a share in Hartford’s rise and can find opportunity right here," he continued. "A city that comes together to lift our kids up, a city that extends a hand to those that are returning from incarceration . a city that welcomes new immigrants and rejects those who seek to divide us."

Perez said he is still considering a run in the general election, but he will need to talk to his family and pray before making a decision.

"I entered public service simply to serve, but let me tell you, it’s been a good ride. And the ride is not over, I’m going to continue to fight for Hartford!" he told supporters Tuesday night.

Perez resigned in 2010 after a city contractor scandal and eventually pleaded guilty to bribery and larceny by extortion charges.

One Democrat skipped the primary – J. Stan McCauley – because he’s been cross-endorsed by the Republicans.

See the election results by clicking here.

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