Bronin's Pick for Hartford Police Chief Meets With Community

The Hartford community was invited to a forum Tuesday to get to know the person who may become Hartford’s next police chief.

Lt. Col. David Rosado was born and raised in Hartford. He graduated from Bulkeley High School and UConn School of Law.

Mayor Luke Bronin said Rosado has a distinguished career in law enforcement and currently oversees field operations for about 700 troopers as the commanding officer of the Office of Field Operations for Connecticut State Police.

Bronin intends to nominate Rosado for the position of police chief. Current Hartford Police Chief James Rovella is set to retire early next year.

The mayor said that during his search for a replacement, Rosado’s name is the one that kept coming up.

"I think he is committed just as Chief Rovella has been committed and just as I’m committed to a culture of accountability and transparency and community engagement," said Bronin. "I think he's somebody who brings a wealth of experience in law enforcement, a deep knowledge of the Hartford community, and a commitment to continuing the work of real, open, transparent community engagement."

Rosado says he plans to focus on serving the city and making sure officers have what they need, and he wants to expand and continue community policing. He says he'd look to enhance technology and make body cameras a priority. He also wants to prioritize diversity within the department at all levels.

"In my family, I have three unsolved homicides. I have four grandsons. The youngest is 18 and the oldest is 27. Every day I worry about them," said Hartford resident Steven Harris.

Harris has lived in the city for 70 years and attended Tuesday night's forum. He says his number one concern is community policing. He wants to make sure the officers who walk the beat are engaged and close to the community they serve.

"Most of the folks I know don't trust the police because most of their interactions aren't good interactions," said Harris.

Residents say the next police chief certainly has a challenging job ahead of them.

"I want whoever the chief is to do well," said Harris.

There will be one more community forum so residents can meet Rosado. It will be at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30 at The Lyceum at 227 Lawrence Street.

The city council has the final say on whether he will become the next police chief.

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