Bronze Medal Olympian Back in Connecticut

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Bobsled fans are celebrating the return of Connecticut’s bronze medalist!  Erin Pac is back in town and talking all about her time in Vancouver.

“It was such an amazing time,” said Pac.

When you meet her, you’ll wonder where she hides her intensity.  Don’t let her demure appearance fool you though.  She’s got Olympic bronze for a reason.

“It’s kind of funny people think of me as soft spoken and that way.  You can ask anyone on the team, I’m the only one yelling at the brakeman when we’re on the line,” said Pac.

Pac and her teammate Elena Meyers brought home hardware after an impressive performance in Vancouver.  They came in third, trailing two teams from Canada in an unexpected bobsled battle.

“The whole time I was thinking, I’m the underdog, the dark horse.  Watch out for me,” said Pac laughing.

She battled a hamstring injury during the Olympic games.  Her boyfriend and strength coach, Peter Blumert, says her performance proves she has what it takes to compete with world’s best.

“It was just a matter of her pushing through the pain.  We knew she wasn’t going to rip it, so at that point it was mental.  If she wanted it, which I knew she did, it wasn’t going to be an issue,” said Blumert.

She now has the Olympic medal to prove it.

“I’m still on cloud nine right now, I haven’t come down yet.  I’m not sure when I will.”

And one last thing you may not know about Pac, she had never seen a bobsled until the day she tried out for the team.

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