Brooklyn Fair Organizers Implement New Safety Changes in 2021

NBC Connecticut

Old traditions are back in 2021, including the Brooklyn Fair.

The event is running through Sunday.

The fair is a celebration of community and this year, organizers wanted to ensure everyone walking through the front gates felt comfortable and safe.

The good times were on full display around the Brooklyn Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Once inside, visitors had the chance to check out live animals like cows and goats, see some friendly farmer competition, buckle their seat belts for rides and enjoy some quality fair food.

"It is fun and you know I think a lot of people missed all of the things that come with the fair because we missed out on it last year," said Jennifer Tussing, of Jewett City.

Brooklyn Fair organizers said the public's safety was always on the top of their minds before making a decision on whether to have the event this year.

In addition to creating more hand sanitizing stations and putting up social distancing signs, they also partnered with local health districts to administer COVID-19 shots for those who have yet to roll up their sleeves. The fair also gave out free tickets to the fair for those who got their shots.

"We want our vendors, our friends, and patrons to be safe and happy and we did what we felt we had to do," said Sandy Eggers, First Vice-President with the Windham Agriculture Society. "People seem to be happy to come out and do things, all we want is for people to have a good and safe time."

Nicolas Swagger and his mom, Dawn, were happy to be back at the fair and took some precautions to ensure they were safe and still able to have a good time.

"I'm very excited but I'm ready to get on the rides," Nicolas said.

"Keeping them a few feet apart and we did bring their masks and we're really trying to get them reacclimated to being in crowds and we really want to take it slow," said Dawn Swagger.

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