Brothers Arrested on Drug Charges in Middletown

Two Middletown brothers have been arrested after police searched their home and found drugs, including marijuana, marijuana candy and Molly.

Police said they found more than 500 grams of “marijuana concentrate” and about 58 grams of marijuana with a street value of between $1,000 and about $6,000 at the Mulberry Lane home John Rebelo, 30, and Louis Rebelo, 33, share.

Middletown Police conducted the search on Friday after the Department of Probation alerted police drugs might have been sold from the home.

In 2014, the brothers were arrested on drug possession charges with intent to sell and police said they seized at least $75,000 worth of items, according to police.

The arraignment report says police seized several empty marijuana bottles from at least four medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, including one that was a prescription for one of the brothers. Several other bottles had no patient information on them.

Lillian Aldi, a neighbor who has known the brothers for 16 years, said she never saw anything that appeared to be criminal activity at the home

“We felt if we needed anything, you know something to be lifted, they were always more than willing to give us a hand, but it’s sad if this is in fact the case where they’ve gone down the wrong road,” Aldi said.

The Rebelos are being held on a $250,000 bond and scheduled back in court April 25.

They have been arrested on several drug charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to sell and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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