Brr! It’s Cold Out There

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Today’s the kind of day where no one would be shocked if you wore a Snuggie to work.

The official temperature is 14 degrees, but it’s down to single digits in several towns.

The coldest places in the state are Bantam and Woodbury, where the mercury rose to a mere 6 degrees this morning.

But it’s not a record. The record low for today is 4 degrees in 1968.

Members of our Facebook group are reporting temperatures from 10 degrees in Northfield to a balmy 22 in Colchester.

"No way am I going out there," Leslee Long wrote. “The thermometer is requesting to come in, too, stating it is sluggish from the cold and doesn't have the energy to go much lower than it's current 11 F.”

The warmest place in the state is Tweed Airport, where it is 24 degrees.

While you put on a sweater, jacket, gloves, hat and scarf, warm yourself with thoughts that it could be worse. Syracuse, New York is dealing with days of snow. It's piled up to 4 feet.

Keep up on the forecast here.

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