Bruins Foxwoods Bar Bill: $156,000

One bottle was $100,000.

Hours after celebrating their Stanley Cup win family style, on Duck Boats traveling through downtown Boston, the Boston Bruins partied like rock stars at Foxwoods.

The boys in black and yellow rang up a more than $156,000 bar tab at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.

The single most expensive drink on the bill was a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne for $100,000. There are allegedly only six such bottles in the world.

The 30-liter bottle weighs 100 pounds, according to Business Insider. Which is more than two and a half times the weight of the empty Lord Cup.

The bottle of champagne is twice as big at the bottle that Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban gave his own team after they won the NBA finals, according to the Bruins' public relations firm.

The team members passed the bottle from player to player and then they drank champagne out of the Stanley Cup.

At one point, Brad Marchand, who scored two goals in the game that captured the cup, jumped up on the bar and showered the crowd.

The rest of the bill, which is posted on Barstool Sports is more of what you’d expect from a team of players known for being down to earth: Buds, Blue Moons, Jack Daniels and Red Bull. But even a Budweiser tab adds up when you order 136 bottles.

The bottle of Ace of Spades brut is on display at High Rollers and it will later be raffled off to benefit the Bruins foundation.

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