Buddy Adjusts to New Florida Home

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Buddy the biso-cow is adjusting well to his new home in Gainesville, Florida.

The so-called biso-cow, formally known as Buddy the Beefalo, has been taking some time over the past week to settle in.

Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary took to social media to name Buddy a "biso-cow," which they say is a mix of a cow and a bison, not a buffalo. They say he isn't actually a beefalo after all!

The sanctuary posted on Facebook, showing a video of Buddy taking some treats from an employee's hand.

The staff member said she's stopped by his pen a few times to drop off treats but this time, Buddy even let her pet him.

"I'm ecstatic that Buddy feels comfortable enough to do this. It lets me know that he understands he's safe, which is the first step towards his long-term happiness," the post said.

About a week ago, Plymouth Police Captain Benecchi flew to Florida to reunite with Buddy. He said the sanctuary is a "truly amazing place."

The Buddy saga started when the 1,000-pound bovine escaped a Plymouth butcher in August. His time on the run has provided some fun for people in town and beyond.

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