Buddy the Beefalo

Buddy the Beefalo Tries to Escape New Home in Florida

Buddy the beefalo
Plymouth Police

Connecticut's famous Buddy the Beefalo is already the talk of the town after stirring up trouble at his new home in Gainesville, Florida.

Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary said Buddy finally arrived Thursday morning and was a little hesitant when he first got out of the trailer.

The sanctuary said he was so hesitant that within about two minutes, he had jumped the fence of the pen and gone into the horse pasture.

Buddy has already met some new friends and enjoys being around other "moos," Critter Creek said on Facebook.

Critter Creek took to social media to name Buddy a "biso-cow," which they say is a mix of a cow and a bison, not a buffalo. They say he isn't actually a beefalo after all!

After a day of settling in, though, Buddy seemed to get more comfortable with his new home and settling in with moo-pal Emma.

Plymouth police said Captain Benecchi is heading to Florida to see Buddy and will keep everyone updated as he travels.

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