Budget Cuts Loom in Ledyard

Earlier this week taxpayers in Ledyard crowded into a public hearing on a proposal to raise property taxes 8 percent, and after they spoke out against it, officials are trying to figure out where they can cut spending.

As usual in town budget battles, school sports and part-time employees are at risk as the back and forth builds toward the budget referendum scheduled for May 20.

"My daughter will be in high school," said Lawrence King, "so every budget cut in my opinion should be taken seriously."

"I don't like the budget cuts and the schools really need the money," said Olivia Romanofski. "I have two children that go right here to Ledyard Center and school is the most important thing to me."

However, the idea of an 8 percent tax increase landed hard in Ledyard.

"It's too much of a bite at one time, I think," said Phil Morris.  "I think people will vote it down."

Norm Krayen said, "The state's mismanaged from the top down.  You got the legislature which is a key cause of a lot of these problems cuz they're spending money through the roof.

"There's no income and they're spending.  They should be cutting the spending by half," he said.

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