Budget Hole Could Be Filled Soon


We could find out as early as today if the state will be able to close its budget gap. The deficit could be as much as $500 million and coming up with that kind of cash can require getting creative.

One state senator wants to tax illegal marijuana sales.

He doesn't want to just confiscate the pot, but impose a tax on the arrested drug dealer. It could add up. State police say they rounded up nearly 1400 kilograms of marijuana last fiscal year. At the tax rate they want to impose, that could have netted the state almost $5 million in tax revenue.

The House was expected to convene at 2 p.m.. If it passes, the Senate could vote on Wednesday. 

This latest deficit-cutting plan does not address next fiscal year's deficit, which could reach $700 million. The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn on May 5.

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