Bulletproof Vest, Loaded Magazines, Ammo Stolen From State of Conn. Vehicle

A cruiser used by a police officer from the Department of Consumer Protection’s Gaming Division was one of more than a dozen vehicles broken into in August, according to Avon Police.

NBC Connecticut Investigates first learned about the theft in a “Monthly Loss Report” issued by state auditors in October.

Each month auditors release the report, which shares any time the state loses money by theft, employee error, or inventory mistakes.

Auditors said a bulletproof vest, two loaded Glock magazines, 100 additional rounds of ammo and more were all taken from the state vehicle during the overnight hours of August 21-22, 2019, in Avon.

Auditors cited a town of Avon police report that said officer James Jepsen, who works for the state Department Of Consumer Protection’s Gaming Division, is not sure when it happened overnight, and did not hear anything suspicious. He told the Avon investigators he thought he locked his vehicle, but was not 100 percent sure.

"We are concerned by this incident, and want to thank the Avon Police for their response and support. We know that there is always more that can be done to keep state property secure, and our staff members safe. We are currently working on reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure they are as robust as possible," the DCP told NBC Connecticut Investigates.

At one point, the DCP gaming officer thought someone had stolen a winning $10,000 lottery ticket from a case he was investigating that was in a briefcase that was also taken from his vehicle, but the ticket was later found at his office.

He has not faced any discipline from the agency.

Avon Police said in all, 16 vehicles were “gone through” during the overnight hours of August 21-22, 2019.

Lieutenant Kelly Walsh adds that two vehicles were also stolen that evening, but were later recovered by Avon officers.

Lt. Walsh also said all the vehicles burglarized and stolen in Avon were unlocked.

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