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Burlington Woman Arrested For Murder of Husband Faces Additional Charges


A woman who is currently facing murder charges pertaining to the death of her husband is now facing additional charges, according to state police.

Officials said Linda Kosuda-Bigazzi, 73, of Burlington, continued to receive her husband's salary months after his death.

Linda's husband, 87-year-old Pierluigi Bigazzi, was a professor in the School of Medicine at UConn Health in Farmington Bigazzi for more than 40 years, state police said.

Officials said Linda hid his body in their home for several months and continued to receive his salary.

In a statement to police, Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Geoghegan said the university was under the impression that Pierluigi was an active and fully tenured professor, making an annual salary of just under $198,000.

"None of the entire amount of Dr. Bigazzi's gross salary or fringe benefits would have been paid by UConn Health or the State of Connecticut to Dr. Bigazzi or any other entity if UConn Health had received notice that Dr. Bigazzi was no longer alive and was no longer performing his duties," Geoghegan said in his statement, which was included in an affidavit obtained by NBC Connecticut.

The money was deposited into a joint checking account in both Linda and Pierluigi's names, according to the affidavit.

Linda now faces first degree larceny charges and was released after posting a $125,000 court-set bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned on July 20.

She has claimed self-defense in the 2017 killing. Linda had sought dismissal of the charges, saying investigators’ review of her documents severely prejudiced the case against her. Some of the documents included notes about the killing, but her lawyers said those were part of her defense strategy and were protected by attorney-client privilege.

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